Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies"

can u do movie parodies?

Munguia responds:

Yes Treee, i will, i already made some parodies about some cartels or scene movies, famous pictures are on the way too, but you can play now Movie Stars Parodies, check my games. :)

I love this, the parodies are funny and it really tests your music knowledge.

Not badly made, the SFX got a little grating at times, but the important part is "how were the parodies" and they were good.

Sure I got a crappy score, despite knowing what a 45" is. But I never much liked music as a standalone art form. Preferred it as a supporting art. Something used to make something else better, not to sit and listen to for an hour straight after buying a $10-$12 CD. But that's just me. xP

Still well made. :)

I don't know why people always complain.
Maybe if you need some new albums try with Queens of the stone Age, Disturbed, The Black Keys etc.

I really find it a bad idea to give the answers in the game. I like that your author comment says help but I've also noticed that some of your mystery medals are based on if you could get the parodie right. The game is nice and I never would have thought of it but wouldn't you think that there would be cheaters that play this game?