Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies"

Loved it!

But there's a bug with the Eminem cover, when you play it again, even when you previously got it, it still shows up as if you haven't gotten it yet (with the name blurred etc).

Other than that, great game, very fun!

This was my favorite version of all your quiz games. Make a sequel and include more 80's, industrial , and gothik albums.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

A parody quiz on a topic I'm actually good at for a change, appreciate it! :) Proud to say I probably knew around a third of these by heart, so many classics I grew up with! And I remember the times of LPs tapes and CDs, lmao, progress moves sooo fast! Blondie cover was probably my favorite one of the parodies. Nice work!


funny how you know when bands wouldn't do an album cover like that so you would choose the other option, and then you'll get it right.

ahahah dad good one . I personally love the Bad album, i find the DAD very funny