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Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies"


Much easier to me than the "famous paintings" series :) Good art and good puns, nothing new but I still love it!

That banana doe. Great art in banana drawing c:

Can't Play It..... Ads Block The Page... :-(

Munguia responds:

Try again, just refresh the page

Pretty sure "Ledend by Bob Marley" is a typo. As is Limb Bizket.

Also, "The Wall" is a full movie, not what we'd think of as a music video.

And you forgot to blur out the title of "Nevermind" by Nirvana.

Munguia responds:

Thanks TharosTheDragon, i just upload new version, typos fixed and Blurs, for me Disney´s "Fantasia" is a long music video but is a Full movie too, you are right there´s a different, i will have that in mind for the next episode. :)