Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies"

My favourite "...parodies"

Love this games!, nice work Munguia ;)

It was okay but it doesn't have a lot of re-play-ability to it other than going back to get the answers from the few might have missed and figuring out where the stars are.
Once you do that, it's pretty much done.
What I Did like about it is the punny play on the album covers. Some of them were pretty obvious but some of them were actually pretty clever. ~personal fave had to be the M&M one. Seriously cute!~

I do wish there was more diversity and that it isn't the exact same game but I do like some of the references here. If there's a part two to this, I would like Rush, Yes, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and maybe plenty others to appear. If only they switched the paths up then it's a perfect in my book.