Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies"

I can say nothing more, it's just AWESOME!!! :D Wonderful game; I'm gonna send the link on it to my friends, so they can enjoy it too! ^_^

P.S. A question here. Sometimes (and pretty often), when I hit the correct answer, the picture of checkmark appeared NOT next to the correct answer (usually it appeared one variant higher, which is incorrect). I'm using Google Chrome. What's up with it or there's something I don't get? A bug?
Thank you!

Munguia responds:

Thansk for comment Dashassfrost, thanks, i will check what you said, a bug...i donĀ“t know, maybe a Beatle?

Using the pulp fiction soundtrack is cheating, 0/10

Get ready your google, guys.

I see you like Pink Floyd. For that I forgive your blasphemy of including rap music here :) Great job!

Munguia responds:

Thanks for comment Dhall, yes i do like Pink Floyd but Rap is newer, modern and happier, for me Ice Cube is better but is really pop belive Floyds is kind of Celestial, any way i belive music diversity make friendly people. :)

Just awesome dude! Very creactive! Love it!