Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies"

I agree with the review below me. That's stupid as hell to have a british flag. Ya, I am a bit racist (a lot) but as he said an American flag would be a hell of a lot better.

I don't like how people use a british flag for english language options.

The American flag is more recognizable and more associated with the english language.

Munguia responds:

Sharpnova, The American Flag could be the Cuban one, Brazilian one, Mexican one, Argentinian one or other any America´s Country one, America is a whole continent not a country, but i´know what you mean, you are talking about USA flag, maybe you don´t know but The use of English in the United States is a result of British colonization

If I have 19 years old and I only know half of these, am I young or stupid? Maybe I'm more from the 90's or later with Muse, Radiohead (I saw Kid A) The Killers...
There's a bug in which the advance button will go up and won't let me advance anymore until a time has passed.
The bonuses don't appear if I use the advance button.
Great game, gladly waiting for the 2nd episode!

Munguia responds:

Thanks Roni, this kind of game dont test if you are smart or not, is not an IQ test, it only test if you remember an image, but if you never took a look on some music from older times and you are only 19 maybe this is a way to encourage you to look for some "new" old music. I heard David Bowie and Joy Division 5 years ago by the First Time. :)

First of all, thanks for the Spanish version. I've started learning the language a few months ago and games like this are really helpful in learning basic vocabulary.

About the game itself... I really enjoyed your "Painting Parodies" series and gave each of them at least 4 stars rating. Still, I have a few problems with your newest production. In most cases, it was all to easy for me the guess the correct answer. Sometimes you didn't even bother to blur the band name or album title. I know that trivia quizzes are supposed to be fun for everybody, but difficulty level could be just a bit higher.

And then, it's the content selection. Let's have a look at this wonderful line in your commentary:

"The musical diversity generates tolerance, transmitted cultures and festivities."

Yes, it's important to pick music from different genres, countries and languages. No, this time you don't practice what you preach. Most albums present in the game were released by big labels in the USA or UK and their lyrics are in English, maybe with the exception of Kraftwerk (BTW, there's a typo there, the band's name misses it's 't'). Apparently you're a hip-hop fan, why didn't you think about Control Machete, for example? Or at least Kid Frost, or maybe Cypress Hill?

Also, it's kind of weird for a person talking about tolerance and diversity to be a fan of Ice Cube, an artist infamous for some explicitly racist lyrics (remember "Black Korea"?).

Another minor issue: the language selection screen proudly waves the current Spanish national flag. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for "una, grande y libre" Spain, even if some Basques or Catalonians would object to it, not to mention those who would prefer the Second Republic tricolore. But what about gamers from Latin American countries?

Despite all the flaws mentioned above, I find the game enjoyable and will gladly play the second part. This time, maybe with more "diversity".

Munguia responds:

Thanks for comment and play Heinz, the blur problem was only the first 16 hours, you can´t read the album names and titles until you get the right answer 3 days ago.
You can find a lot of diversity (60s 70s 80s 90s 2000's Folk, pop, rock, Roots, punk, disco, electronic, new wave, pop, funk, gangsta rap, rap pop, heavy metal, soft rock, grunge, dubstep, pop rock, pop punk... for me there´s a big difference between diversity and totalitarianism, this is a game about popular music not about races, countries or flags. of course there´s a lot of good albums out of THIS SELECTION, i just follow a line like Rolling Stone, Billboard, MTV, google and my taste.
Yes im an ICE CUBE fan there´s like 60 best songs he made better than Black Korea is not an anthem, trully hardly to remember not as popular as "Medal of Honor", IM Pink Floyd Fan too but theres a lot of words on his song i dont like (no totalitarianism) , Kraftwerk is one of my top 10 but my Favorite music artists are 1-Charly García,2- Weird Al Yankovic and 3-Jean Jacques Perrey, 4-ICE CUBE, for me albums recored in my head But i know Madonna is most popular.
I do not take the lyrics as a role model, I do not think Ozzy eat pigeons in real life, i know Kiss washed the makeup after concerts, is true that Steven Seagan has not killed anyone in real life and Arnold does not have a robot under his skin, I can enjoy Freddy Kruger or Iron Maiden without believe in Satan. it's just music. ICE CUBE offered me a gun on the cover of "KILL AT WILL" when i was 14 years, i never took it.
Cypress Hill will be on 2nd episode, A tribe called Quest, AC DC, Lady Gaga, White Stripes, Santana, Skrillex, Depeche Mode, U2, The Cure, The Offspring and more.

Proud to say that there was only one that I had no clue about. Great to gauge on someone's knowledge of timeless albums. Music can be a little irritating after a while, though. :>