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Reviews for "How To Snowball"

this is cute! i'd love to see some longer stuff. animation's nice, although it could be a tad more expressive (i could work on this as well, so i'm not being a jerk, lol!) it just looks a little automated in some areas (i can tell in some areas of staging you're trying to avoid having to re-draw things entirely), especially in caleb's walk-away at the end. there's no bounce to it like a regular walk cycle would have, he just slides across the bottom of the screen. speaking of staging, it's actually quite nice here, a refreshing change of pace from usual stuff. character designs are cute and solid too, so i like. i'm looking forward to more from you!

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thank you! Also yeah I'm definitely trying to work on my characters being more expressive, along with small details like the bouncing when walking. Personally I'm not satisfied with my backgrounds...i really want to try and make them seem more alive, if you know what i mean...I mean i have a whole year to perfect these things but...i like your cartoons too btw :DD

Awesome quality animation! Good job dude!

CalebJordan360 responds:

Thank you!

Not even bad

I... really thought this was gonna be different, like, Robb throwing a snowball like a wimp.
But I guess Caleb breaking his back was somewhat unexpected! And I liked that!
...what? What did I like? The unexpected or Caleb's pain... who knows.

He'd make a killer snowballer! XD Good fun.