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Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"


D-mah responds:


I'd recommend the first one if you haven't played it.

If anyone is having some trouble adjusting to the controls and gameplay, feel free to make a forum thread and tag me. I'm familiar enough with it that I might be able to help.

I've enjoyed high agility builds the most. Awesome game. XD

One of the few best game in NG no doubt.
i love it very much :D
-been playing for 2 day and still im around 2nd part of map (the chuck norris oh sorry Chunk Nariz [lol])
-the mechanic and everything seems flawless , didnt find any bug (yet)
-at first i wish there was a pointer in the map of where we are when in the dessert but then i realize it will increase the enjoyment of mystery if we didnt know.
- i die a LOT but thats because of my ignorance , the game require the player to understand the mechanic of the game instead of rushing into things, a really job well done.
player who whine they die a lot most likely just rushing into things, this is not a game like that.
-im confused on what is the purpose of trading between other settler/traveler ? their prices is insane and its too cheap to sell them anything, seems pointless to even put it there.
-i was confused on emanciation condition , would be better if there was red text or alert to indicate its a problem with the weight.
everything else seems great, thanks for the great game.
oh tips to anyone wanting to play this:
- increase your physical to get HP + inc weight load
-few agi so you would not have too little AP
-increase acc because in middle game you will use guns most of the time
-i dont find too much use for INT
at least thats my stats that im playing now.

This game is absolutely amazing as far as I played, love how deep you can micro-manage your crew. Definetly a 5/5 for hardcore RPG fans.
I must say I only stopped playing because the pt-BR translation is in dire need of revision, and I would love to know the original english terms for a more effective use of the guides. I did looked for an option but couldn't find it, am I missing something?
Again, GREAT game!

This is the type of game where in you need patience because it is hard and complex and my advice for new players is to get high strength,agility and perception because those are the most helpful attributes early game