Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

Hmmm....the proceed button doesn't work. Cant rate with stars if I can't play.

D-mah responds:

OK. I know what's going on. I'll fix it in the next version, but for now you can right-click on the game screen > Settings > Go to the tab with a picture of yellow folder if it's not already selected > Move the slider to the right to allow local storage (uncheck Never Ask Again if necessary). I recommend 10M storage, so the saves will also work well.

Not sure why, but I can't get past the language select screen. No matter what language I select, even the unfinished ones, it won't do anything when I hit proceed.

Like a few others I have seen I cannot get past the language selection screen. I even took your advice and tried changing the settings, no luck. Kind of a let down seeing as a lot of people like it.

as soon as i left the old man person i was attacked by like 5 guys with guns and died witch was like 2 mins of playing total so if you even bother playing watch your back or ya know die.

to hard sucks