Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

This game is great! I like the concept of it. I really think that this piece of work could go far! I hope you get approved!

great game but is too hard

Fallout wanna be game.
That being said, I'd rather replay any of the Fallouts than play this sorry excuse.
Just like the 1st Caravaneer, the stats and mechanics in this one make absolutely no sense whatsoever.
There's no real dialogue, it's only 1 main storyline with only 2 options - good or evil.
The humor is reduced to recycled Chuck Norris jokes.
And the gameplay is pretty much grinding until you have enough stuff to be able to kill anything with 0 effort. Because if you don't, well, then you're screwed because the difficulty curve jumps all over the place. Frist you start fighting 2 guys with sticks encounters and then the next encounters have 3-10 people with long range rifles than can kill you in one shot.
Terrain having absolutely no buildings or cover doesn't help much either (there's some ruined walls here and there but the enemy AI is able to shoot straight through them for some reason).
So basically the core gameplay is doing triangular trading once you actually figure out what stuff to buy and sell where, and loading the game repeatedly to avoid encounters. Fun? I think not.

fun game the only complaint i have is that in order to buy business i have to give you a buck also DLC in a flash game is bs

D-mah responds:

Nobody forces you to buy them. The game is 100% playable without them. You can buy some town industries too, just not the ones that would break the town's economy.

it is fucking imposible to beat this game. It was made by hitler himself whit his big penis