Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

I quit story mode after the third time the storyline broke because an NPC permanently wouldn't talk to me about something. Besides the difficulty of the game the difficulty of the story line makes it a completely linear game. If you don't do what they tell you to immediately then the option will never come back. A tightly scripted story defeats the whole purpose of what makes this game great.
If it was more like free play mode with jobs and missions that you could find this would be the greatest flash game of all time.

Hello everybody

i have a question about the morale and the donkey + Carts
how can I improve the moral? and how does it work with the donkey and the dare?

I really like this style of game, but you can lose EVERYTHING in a single mistake.
I went to ALKUBRA region and made a lot of money, then, when I went to tribal region, I bought things where they usually were needed, but everything was changed =O, Kivi werent producing those colored shirts, they needing that D=, and I bought leather for 800, and everywhere I wanted to sell was 13,70-20, that got me down -.-", i spent like 30,000 and sold for 1,000 ....
Should tell that in wiki, the kivi x drekar war changed EVERYTHING =D
It's a very nice game, very complicated, but nice.

It seems good... But... You need to give more chance-encounters with enemy groups as well, add more cities things like that. Also, maybe not make your guy consume so much food and water soo freakin' fast. And the place I'm at won't sell me any food to use to stay alive. Only Water and Goat Milk >.>

Could you fix that as well too?

hmm a bit like fallout at the beginning