Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

Right before I went to Pullid I suddenly stopped and then I died. Some sort of cruel joke man. I have a suggestion, if you ever happened to make a third, add gas and directions? I mean, I don't need directions (coordinates) but it would clear up the confusion. Also, when the overload button comes on can you put a number on how many items you need to get rid of to prevent dying in the desert? I had mixed feeling about this because I had expensive items I didn't want to throw away. This newbie needs A lil' help lol. Great game but just needs to be polished.

i bet this game is really good.

but it's wall of tet after wall of text after wall of text and i am too lazy to read all of that

I liked the world building. This 'after the bomb' kind of nomadic lifestyle was done to almost obsessive detail. I didn't mind the combat. After seeing the nomadic tribes, I kind of wished the player character was from one of them - it would seem more organic to the story and make me feel more connected to the world. Its a damn good idea of a game. But not a game I'd play myself, but props given.

Pretty good, aside from the character creator. The Fallout comparisons rear their ugly head there too.

My only issue with the actual game is that you get to enjoy yourself at a low level for a short while, then it's Drekar in all directions. Where the fuck did all these slavers come from? I've been cutting down bands of rovers all of a sudden these squads start rolling up. I kept forgetting to save so I'd have to fight the battles.

Then this asshole wrecked me point blank with a crossbow even though it's been doing 0 damage the whole fight because of my leather jacket. I had more than half health and he just fucking one-shots me. Not even my luger, an actual firearm, ever did that.

I call bullshit.

I'd give it all five stars but the spelling and grammar could use some revising. That aside it was a very entertaining game. Seems like you drew inspiration from Fallout... seriously like the entire story from the first Fallout game was summed up in this game lol.