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Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

Ein bisschen geschmacklos , aber gute Spiel.

Actually, i like this game, though raiders love to bother me to no end xD which is good; keeps the game interesting.

Mustaparta mainittu; torilla tavataan <3

I enjoy this game quite a bit, but I am a bit frustrated with getting a "slaver" reputation after winning a battle with the Drekar. I did not enslave their slaves and both of the other choices result in a reputation that I don't want for my guy. I really don't like the (story suggested) solution of buying a slave and then releasing it because it is a waste of my cash and thematically uncharacteristic. If anything, we should have a reduction of rep after beating the slavers and freeing the slaves.

Some thoughts about plot (spoiler alert):

If you manage to get Fafnir to kill Kukul, and Lois and her girls defeat Drekar, the Drekar camp is still up and running and spewing out Drekar bandits to harass you. This means the only way to actually defeat Drekar (short of building up an army and just go in for the kill) is to manipulate Kivi to either kill or scare them away. This make the gameplay a bit linear.

Also when you talk to Kevin, if you don't ask immediately about the Fort city location, he will never give it to you even if he likes you! So there is a huge need of debugging.

Also Calvin give you the position of Kevins house even if you refuse to work for Merchant Union, this makes no real sense.

Love the game. Overall it provided a mass of entertainment content. However be ready to save over and over and over. And a tip. Shinobi raiders when captured makes great mercs. Always high weapon skill and stats especially if you get them semi early game.