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Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

What an incredibly elaborate game this was! It reminds me of Fallout, and though I've actually never been that big a fan of that specific game franchise (too strategical action - too little direct action), it works well in Flash where the visuals are somewhat more limited, and it does have visuals, plenty of characters; sceneries, even if the very elaborate interfaces play the largest role in playing the game.

I'm initially impressed by the amount of customizability offered for even the basic things like character appearance (even if we don't see the character too often), the richness of dialog and the wealth of options in the game itself, the vastness of the map, just the overall breadth of gameplay that seems to be available. And if it's not enough there's those DLCs, though sadly not playable within the game itself. Also a bit surprised instructions; credits aren't included within the actual game but on a separate page.

Though the interface might seem dauntingly complex at the start, it makes sense, it's intuitive when you get to know it, and all the guides that move you through the process the first time you play are very useful reference. Wish there'd be an easy mode in addition to the normal and hard, but overall: great game!


O'l captain keyes giving me an unloaded pistol, eh?

Really good, but the auto save can mess with you.

This game is not intended for the weak. If you are:

-Not willing to play this game cautiously and meticulously
-Not willing to take the time to study game mechanics
-Not willing to grind skills and currency
-Not willing to replay the game after completing it to discover new paths

Then this game is not for you. You will either rage quit, and call the game a piece of crap without ever realizing the complexity of the game, or continue playing and wonder why you are dying so much.

That being said, the game still has its flaws. Grinding is still a big part of the game. Yes, it's possible to influence the market to get enormous profit, but that takes momentum. The game has stages where you will won't be able to find any good food source, but that just reflects how realistic the game is. After all, in a post apocalyptic world, food would be scarce(I recommend grinding the hunting skill if it becomes a big problem from the start of the game). Yes, every time you enter a new settlement, the enemies become stronger. That's just because they are more advanced than you.

All in all, this is a good game.

Never thought I would say this but slavery is the key to success