Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

This is why I love this game

It is HARD! If your not careful, you die. If you make a bad investment, you lose a vital amount of cash. Save often and keep auto save on.

The missions whilst text heavy, offer you multiple paths of completion. Not to mention siding with good or evil factions, that adds replayability and weight to your decisions.

Finally the content, I have been at this game for about 10 hours and still have not progressed to the main city, that is unfathomable for a flash game.

I haven't found this game boring for a minute yet and it is a great improvement from the first

It`s good but here should be multiplayer

I was a big fan of the original and this one's even better. Nice work!

Dude, you have way too much skill at game development to NOT become one professionally, this games amazing, i never thought i would find a game on here that brings me back every day until i finished it

I love it, i can tell he got some of the ideas from fallout.