Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

Daily 3rd!?!? This should've been 1st, Picked by the Crew, Featured, First Page, and all possible Honors.

Well, it only had one day to be judged. If it had more time, it could've received a higher ranking and more viewers. Good luck to you with your future projects.

This was a great game. you are really talented. i hope caravaneer 3 (if you ever make one) is even better than this. i would support you 100% if you ever decide to make caravaneer 3 a fully fledged game on steam.

Great game, Amazing story. Keep up the good work you deserve more than all my 5 stars.

Perfect... just amazing.
a pretty fine and elegant game, you shoud keep developing it until its done professionally

Dude, you have way too much skill at game development to NOT become one professionally, this games amazing, i never thought i would find a game on here that brings me back every day until i finished it