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Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

This is the type of game where in you need patience because it is hard and complex and my advice for new players is to get high strength,agility and perception because those are the most helpful attributes early game

A very fun, challenging and diverse game. You have many paths you can take to acquire the necessary power needed to flourish in the game. Will you choose to be an honest merchant, a give them what they want smuggler or a stone cold raider that takes whatever they want? This choice and many more are yours to make.

With an interesting story, modern pop culture references, and bleak setting this game has elements that many different types of gamers can enjoy.

Just be warned this game is hard and will kill you if you make mistakes. Save often and make sure to you read up on the mechanics of the game because knowledge is truly power.

The only flaw that bothers me is that you have to grind a lot or you won't stand a chance against the stronger enemies. But I suppose it is realistic.

This game will crush you if you are not willing to learn and study it, but that is what it is supposed to be, a realistic post-apocalyptic wasteland.

COWARDLYCOWARD below me => Couldnt agree more!

Read his review and you'll get the whole picture.
Me myself, I got hooked on it pretty damn good three times total I think and happily spent many hours playing.

This game is not intended for the weak. If you are:

-Not willing to play this game cautiously and meticulously
-Not willing to take the time to study game mechanics
-Not willing to grind skills and currency
-Not willing to replay the game after completing it to discover new paths

Then this game is not for you. You will either rage quit, and call the game a piece of crap without ever realizing the complexity of the game, or continue playing and wonder why you are dying so much.

That being said, the game still has its flaws. Grinding is still a big part of the game. Yes, it's possible to influence the market to get enormous profit, but that takes momentum. The game has stages where you will won't be able to find any good food source, but that just reflects how realistic the game is. After all, in a post apocalyptic world, food would be scarce(I recommend grinding the hunting skill if it becomes a big problem from the start of the game). Yes, every time you enter a new settlement, the enemies become stronger. That's just because they are more advanced than you.

All in all, this is a good game.