Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

this game very hard T-T

I love it, i can tell he got some of the ideas from fallout.

Even better than the first.

Love the game. Overall it provided a mass of entertainment content. However be ready to save over and over and over. And a tip. Shinobi raiders when captured makes great mercs. Always high weapon skill and stats especially if you get them semi early game.

i would say the game has a simple concept farm get the quest and go to new area do do it again (what i thought at first) i died a lot (like 9 times in first area) but i kept going on (for some reason) what i discovered is that decision in game matter (no spoilers) but time is actually there if you forget that then good luck (cause alot quests depends on time like invasion stuff) in the end the game surprised me when i got 3 different ways to finish a chapter and how it effected the next one.The in point is that this game is not for the one playthrough you need to try all the ways and get all the ending