Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

Loved it. The Sequel to Caravaneer looks pretty cool. Intresting storyline, but real pain in the ass on the start of the game, however if you managed to get to Zone 2 (Alkubra) and Zone 4 (Qubba) the level of difficulty is not as hard as the beginning.

Pro tip : Buy a godamn horse.

This game has:
-intricate settings
-complex mechanisms
-divergent storylines

However, the game lacks attraction. I found it hard to feel engaged in the game because it is not very, well, colorful. Not only in the literal sense but also in the sense that not much seems to be going on, the main character just go here and there talking to people and making me remember stuff. In contrast to Phoenotopia, this game just isn't rewarding enough for me to feel like remembering things is worthwhile.

Second problem, the graphics are a little, I hate to say, boring, for instance, every kind of meat seems the same and if there isn't any reason to differentiate one kind of meat from another, why not include them all as "meat"?

In contrast of Phoenotopia again, there aren't anything too striking like the people getting abducted by alien, I mean yes, the most stunning part should not be in the immediate beginning, but for some with a relatively short attention span yet likes to read, this game's main plot starts too late.

The graphical presentation itself also suffers a little from the font, pixel size, somewhat confusing layout and impersonal travel screen. Some of the graphics like Kukul's earring is apparently out of place and it is easy to see that it's imposed afterward.

Since the narration of the game is quite long and frequent, I think it will help if the writting is a little more personal and engages the characters a little more.

I can see that much effort was put into this game, and I believe the storyline is more interesting and meaningful then how much of it I saw, but I think it will make the game's content a lot more acessable to people like me if it were a little more visual, organized, and personal.

great game but is too hard

It reminds me fallout! Great game!

I made a berserk michael Jackson 5/5