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Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

I've played for about 5minutes after character customization.

You seriously need to fix the gigantic textbook walls of text, no one is going to play a flash game to read walls of text -_-)

Other than that, the character customization was pretty detailed, though I was disappointed to see the mustaches wouldn't connect to my beard, I couldn't re-create myself entirely D:

There's a bug at one point in the game where you need to get a book from some raiders and read it before i give it to him. But when you read the book it doesn't register as being "read," so when you go to give it to him you get the option "i have ur book but i still need it" and he's like "lol cool" and then nothing.

Other than that, great game. The combat camera can be finicky and sometimes when I try to click on an opponent to shoot them the register area is so tiny i accidentally click NEXT to them and then oops my ranged combatant is next to a guy with a katana, but other than that I like it. The plot and setting is kind of a poor man's Fallout, but that's not a bad thing, it's a fun concept to play around with.

I would like a more consistant soundtrack? There's a lot of times where you're sitting in silence so i ended up just muting the whole thing and putting on my own music.

Like a few others I have seen I cannot get past the language selection screen. I even took your advice and tried changing the settings, no luck. Kind of a let down seeing as a lot of people like it.

This game is amazing! Thank you and I sure hope to see a Caravaneer 3, and if it takes seven years per game, another seven years would be 2021?

The combat bleeding effects are a wonderful system and I love the way they visually intensify when the enemies are really spilling >;)

I didn't find this game to be too hard to understand and get into, I found that the quests pointed me in the right direction.

The data tracking of prices is semi done for you which is a big help. Tracking addition to the statistic information given at towns there are many ways to keep from going broke.

The 3D graphics are a big improvement over the previous game and all around it looks good. Nice work 5/5.

Not sure why, but I can't get past the language select screen. No matter what language I select, even the unfinished ones, it won't do anything when I hit proceed.