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Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

Between the old Caravaneer and this one, I feel the balancing has become... off. The game has become much more difficult. While players are given much more freedom and a LOT more to control about their groups and whatnot, a lot goes unexplained. For example, if you do not eat enough food, you become thin. When you become thin (the term used in game is emaciated, had to look it up just to know what was going on) you lose physical points, when you lose out on physical you lose carry weight. Then you get stuck in the middle of the desert with no food or water. Now what?

If and when this receives an update, a more in-depth tutorial would be a must. As it stands, this is just stupidly confusing and there seems to be just one challenge after another, with little guidance in the way of solving it.

Until a better tutorial or at least some better form of guidance (and I'm not talking about the 5 whole webpages worth of guides) comes out, 3.5/5 is really all I can see this game getting.

Just wow

At Times, it felt like fallout, but i guess that was the goal. a nice game, a fun game, a intelligent game (just like fallout). I made sure i read all the rules and backstory so i can write a review worthy of this game. 15 mins in i can already tell its a complex and neat game. Good Economics i must say. graphs and such.

It's an alright game. if you've ever played trade-winds it's like that. only better. really hard to pick up but once you get used to it it's fun. it even warns you it will take allot of reading and time to fully enjoy it and they weren't kidding. a solid, well made game. It will throw sh*t at you sometimes but, such is life. save often and prosper.

to hard sucks