Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

wtf i dont believe it have malay cause i can speak malay x3

as soon as i left the old man person i was attacked by like 5 guys with guns and died witch was like 2 mins of playing total so if you even bother playing watch your back or ya know die.

I can't believe I almost passed this game up. It is a lot to read and lots of controls to figure out, but it's a pretty great RPG once you get used to it.

Wow! This is one of the most in depth and complex games I have ever seen on NG. The game could use some better visuals but with the amount of complexity involved here I don't miss it. I played for a few hours already but got myself into a situation where I had to travel too far and could not carry enough supplies to make the journey so I kept dying. That was kind of a bummer. I'm sure that I was missing something though I am planning on starting over anyways. Great job on the game and i'm looking forward to playing more.

I've played for about 5minutes after character customization.

You seriously need to fix the gigantic textbook walls of text, no one is going to play a flash game to read walls of text -_-)

Other than that, the character customization was pretty detailed, though I was disappointed to see the mustaches wouldn't connect to my beard, I couldn't re-create myself entirely D: