Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

This is why I love this game

It is HARD! If your not careful, you die. If you make a bad investment, you lose a vital amount of cash. Save often and keep auto save on.

The missions whilst text heavy, offer you multiple paths of completion. Not to mention siding with good or evil factions, that adds replayability and weight to your decisions.

Finally the content, I have been at this game for about 10 hours and still have not progressed to the main city, that is unfathomable for a flash game.

I haven't found this game boring for a minute yet and it is a great improvement from the first

My first 3 attempts...
Step 1: Hire mercenary for more carry weight.
Step 2: Accidentally run into a group of Drekar Raiders.
Step 3: My new mercenary loses HP... Lowering his carry weight and getting me stuck out in bum-fuck nowhere.
Step 4: Die a lonely death.

i bet this game is really good.

but it's wall of tet after wall of text after wall of text and i am too lazy to read all of that

Right before I went to Pullid I suddenly stopped and then I died. Some sort of cruel joke man. I have a suggestion, if you ever happened to make a third, add gas and directions? I mean, I don't need directions (coordinates) but it would clear up the confusion. Also, when the overload button comes on can you put a number on how many items you need to get rid of to prevent dying in the desert? I had mixed feeling about this because I had expensive items I didn't want to throw away. This newbie needs A lil' help lol. Great game but just needs to be polished.

Personally, I like this game. If you have a lot of time on your hand this is fun. I was a bit confused in the beginning because there were too many game concepts to remember, but it does get easier with time. Plus there is a basic guide on the game developers website. http://caravaneer.gamesofhonor.com/c2officialinstructions.php?page=1