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Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

It`s good but here should be multiplayer

really fun,, and i find this reallly unique,,gives me a fallout kinda feel

I liked the world building. This 'after the bomb' kind of nomadic lifestyle was done to almost obsessive detail. I didn't mind the combat. After seeing the nomadic tribes, I kind of wished the player character was from one of them - it would seem more organic to the story and make me feel more connected to the world. Its a damn good idea of a game. But not a game I'd play myself, but props given.

I enjoy this game quite a bit, but I am a bit frustrated with getting a "slaver" reputation after winning a battle with the Drekar. I did not enslave their slaves and both of the other choices result in a reputation that I don't want for my guy. I really don't like the (story suggested) solution of buying a slave and then releasing it because it is a waste of my cash and thematically uncharacteristic. If anything, we should have a reduction of rep after beating the slavers and freeing the slaves.

Fallout feels man! So great!