Reviews for "Caravaneer 2"

Ein bisschen geschmacklos , aber gute Spiel.

Loved it

O'l captain keyes giving me an unloaded pistol, eh?

It seems good... But... You need to give more chance-encounters with enemy groups as well, add more cities things like that. Also, maybe not make your guy consume so much food and water soo freakin' fast. And the place I'm at won't sell me any food to use to stay alive. Only Water and Goat Milk >.>

Could you fix that as well too?

An amazing game. I come back everyday and I spend about a hour or 2 playing it. I'm in the big cities now, New Serino +, But I can not make money anymore due to the kivi running out of jackets and making their own yarn. I'm afraid to slave trade ;\. Any ideas?