Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

Awesome picture as always. I got every single medal except the one that says I found everything! I seriously did! Anyway, it's just wonderful to look at this thing. I guess it's not really that much about Christmas. I don't care, it's still awesome.

BTW, Merry Christmas to you! I thought it was poxpower who was the sole worker on this, but I guess it's you. The music is great too. You should have thrown in some ponies. They make everything popular! Sometimes I had to get it at just the right picture to get the medal.

deathink responds:

Oh no man, are all other medals unlocked in the game? If something happens to the save file it will say you have all the medals on newgrounds, but the game will still be missing them. Also once you have all the others you have to check the medals view one last time to unlock it. PM me and let me know if htis works for you.

Anyway, thanks a real lot for checking it out my man, ponies would be great!!! lolol

I really enjoy the pixel art on this wonderful flash game. Well worth to spend time clicking on awesome reference and nooks and crannies during Christmas. :)

p.s. Who ever made this poster deserves to be accepted by humanity.

Awesome game, still fuck 043 this guys is invisible

Awesome, search have fun pixels! :D

I love how most of your games have a lot of medals!
Don't stop :D