Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

Love the music, the medals, the fact that half the poster covers around half the width so you can easily scroll up and down either half, but most of all that artwork! So incredibly detailed and entertaining! I don't recognize have the superheroes and/or villains portrayed, but their all depicted in unveiled pixel glory. Was stuck on 042 for the longest time, but mousing over most noteworthy characters was a breeze, and what a rewarding feeling getting medal after medal for such a simple task! Nice work!

Btw, had to click the Twitter link twice to get the Everything medal, first time the medal unlocked on the page, but not the achievement in-game.


All medals complete!!! :D

Amazing. Fun, and a beautiful piece to look at. Also, I always loved searching/puzzle like games. Also, the amount of work that you can tell was put into this, it is, just outstanding.

Great work. So great!



Amazing game bring bck a great old shool and new school feeling, some of my fav chaacters are in here, ad tis suc a great idea. love it,.

thanks for the medals i love them and glad there in my collection i would suggest making medals like this for adult swim characters and mix in cartoon net work characters to ? I think alot of medal collectors would play that game 100% too! love the art style too !