Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

Game works very nicely, really love the pixel art poster and free medals.
Only problem is that it seems, like your other games like this, that if you do the extra stuff like follow you on Twitter/Newgrounds the very first time you play it AFTER you've beat the puzzle, you can never get the 100% medal. Replayed the game over 20 times and got all achievements again, but never got the 100% one.

deathink responds:

Can you take a screen shot of all the medals unlocked except the 100% one and pm me it. The in game medals, not the medals under the game. I heard one other guy mention this, and I want to fix it asap

this series(?) of yours are the only games of this genre that i enjoy without fail.. the rest are boring and more annoying than fun. please keep up the great work.

Retroness rules.

uhm.. i got all the medals except the twitter one. i cant find it....and i'm already following you anyway.

So many awesome references, I found who framed the roger rabbit's villain!