Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

this reminds me of achievemnt unlocked 2, which i got all medals on? dont believe me? check my profile.

Five stars for Plastic Man saving the squeaky shoe from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

It's fun to just click things sometimes. And this game proves that with the awesome pixel graphics and the catchy music in the background very nicely done~

So, question, what makes this super, rad and awesome? I mean the graphics are cool but you never said it was a scavenger hunt. I'm seriously here, not leaving until I find everything. I a;sp find it stupid that you're also trying to get people to follow you on Newgrounds and Twitter, it's putting pressure on me and I'm new and still exploring this website. I feel like people are going to harass me with my art and wonder if I actually drew them. Maybe I should play some more of your games before I decide to follow you on Newgrounds and I don't have a Twitter and I don't have the nerve to get one.....

Awesome game, I like these kind of games :U