Reviews for "Super Rad Awesome"

Well you got me to make a Twitter account just to get all the medals, so congratulations.

Amazing game bring bck a great old shool and new school feeling, some of my fav chaacters are in here, ad tis suc a great idea. love it,.

Amazing. Fun, and a beautiful piece to look at. Also, I always loved searching/puzzle like games. Also, the amount of work that you can tell was put into this, it is, just outstanding.

Great work. So great!



Awesome time consuming game managed to find all of the medals and i liked how there was alot of characters especially the iron giant near the left. Childhood memories :D

This game music is really great if you downloaded the song, can you message it to me? I'd appreciate it. Anyways, I thought this game was extremely awesome I got about.... 57 medals so far? Maybe.