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Reviews for "A Jonny Krampus"

So its like flappy bird but you get Scatman music. I like it! The kitties was a nice touch as well :D

Holon responds:

Kitties = master race. :3

Face in background... I can't sleep after this game 5/5

Holon responds:

I see this guy pretty much every day in school, so you have it lucky... :3

Me: Sounds like an awesome Game *See's his face* OMFG WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

If it was faster...

Love that song. :D And happy to hear there was a different one for that secret mode too, hadn't heard that one before. Overall this was a fun Flappy spin-off, graphics aren't the most wondrous but it's a working mashup, only the high score text on the game screen is a bit hard to read. Appreciate the medals too, always much more rewarding with those... and Mother of Arceus, Syrreal must've spent an hour on that one! :O Good game!