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Reviews for "Newgrounds' Illuminatimas"

I'm missing one question mark/secret ? symbol and clicking everywhere is driving me insane. I don't know how much longer I can... we love the leader.

TurkeySeize responds:

I don't really want to say where stuff is. BUT the ??? stuff is usually quite clear, you just have to know what to look for. Not all Illuminati symbols work in the Flash (there's so many, it's crazy), but there are some in-game hints to point out what you should be keeping an eye out for.

Merry Christmas!

Great art collab game, really enjoyed finding everything. However, it denied me all the medals. I haven't gotten a single one, and I feel a little disappointed after making the effort for them.

Despite that, really enjoyed the game. I hope that whatever caused me not to get my medals gets fixed soon.

TurkeySeize responds:

I don't really know what to say to you guys who are missing out on medals, since I can see that there are people who are currently obtaining them. I reckon it's a problem on your end, and it may be worth trying another web-browser or updating Flash and seeing if there is any change. If it works/doesn't work for you, send me a PM so I can let somebody know.

Have a good New Year, by the way.

Great work everybody, I just need the last damned Eye and that secret medal

TurkeySeize responds:

Ouch :( I hope you find the last eye.
There's a couple of submissions with tricky eyes, I find.

Have a merry Christmas!

Can someone tell me what the other secret references are, I've no idea what I'm looking for, got everything else though.

I liked it. I thinkg in the family photo with the lady liberty in the stars on the upper corners, could be considered illumitsky because it's like the inverted star of david? i think it should be included.