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Reviews for "Newgrounds' Illuminatimas"

i like puzzle games like his one , i just need to find the last Skull , its a good game tho , try to make more pls i love it! 5stars just for you!

I bet it's a great game, and this may sound stupid, but, how do you move? -.-

TurkeySeize responds:

Try using the arrow keys.

Someone Really Needs To Make A Walkthrough At This Point

I liked it. I thinkg in the family photo with the lady liberty in the stars on the upper corners, could be considered illumitsky because it's like the inverted star of david? i think it should be included.

Ok, even though I did not complete this game i think I am going to have to write the review here because i do not see myself being able to complete it ever. I really like the "Find the Object" style this game has with all of your different artists I am sure this was a lot of fun for you guys! however it may have been a tad bit too challenging we all enjoy a difficult game it makes it that much better when you finally beat it! But I think I speak for the Majority when I say "Where the fuck are the rest of these eyes!!" I did have a lot of fun finding all the Pyramids and Skulls and 666's that I could though! Great game guys!

Final Rating 7.5/10 ( 3.5 Stars)

TurkeySeize responds:

Thanks for the fair review :)

If you like "find the object" games, then I recommend trying my friend's game:
It's slightly different style to this one, but all the things you need to find are indicated by the achievements screen, so you won't feel too cheated if they're hard to spot.