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Reviews for "Newgrounds' Illuminatimas"

Great to see Cyberdevil working on something. Dang, if only my drawings could be featured in something. I really like these drawings. There is always something different. The best I could do was find all of the skulls. The random references had me stumped.

Yeah, I'm only one away from finding the others in each category. Well, Merry Christmas Eve to you! All of you! You've made a wonderful (and frustrating) game. I can see why it was featured like this.

TurkeySeize responds:

It's Christmas day for me, now! I think Cyberdevil keeps an eye out for these types of activities, and even hosts them, so it's a good idea to get involved whenever you see an opportunity.

Oh, and merry Christmas!

I heep finding symbols that weren't seen, like :
- inverted pentagram in Sockembop's http://prntscr.com/5knw3n and the symbol of set square and compass (yes, freemasonry is associated with Illuminati...) in LoboF's, near the goat http://prntscr.com/5knvqr,
- owl in other LoboF's, in the sock behind the ghosts http://prntscr.com/5knvvi.
- There are unprized sixes in JackDCurleo's http://prntscr.com/5knwgn...
- Pyramid with 13 bricks here http://prntscr.com/5ko0bu

Right now I'm missing one ASE and one set of sixes... Probably somewhere in pixels.

It's sad most of authors set their work on pixel hunt. I'd rather see works where symbols are indeed part of the scene, not watermark in the background. ILLUMINATI give effort to mark their special places properly and bravely. Their markings are clearly visible, not hidden and shy. They want to see their symbols in the open, hiding them not behind people low sight, but LACK OF REALISATION.

That's why I liked Lintire's work and didn't like SkiMaskKass'

Also sometimes their symbols are visible only when you look from great perspective. But seriously, they want to see their signatures everywhere in the open Of course if they existed...

TurkeySeize responds:

Your review scared me for a moment, because I originally thought you were going to be too revealing! But your feedback has been very helpful, and in response I've clarified the stuff on Lobsterblue's and Jack's pic. I've left Lobo's and Sock's pics because I think if I modified them it'd be too drastic.

This is mostly an oversight on my part from the start, becauseI thought it would be nice to have a checklist of all possible Illum references. But there are so many and mostly only a single one in the project, such as the pentagram and the 13 brick pyramid. Towards the end of the project I didn't want to make the player think that EVERYTHING was a reference, so I had to do some chopping sadly. There were also some really unobvious references that I wouldn't expect people to get.

I agree with you on Lintire's, and it's one of my favourites for that reason. I like SkiMask's because it's unusual, and Luwano did a superb job hiding some stuff in something I thought couldn't hide stuff.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, have a merry Christmas!

Awesome collab! This one was a joy to complete as well as listen to the very eerie and mysterious feel of the music. Beautifully done!

Love the art work from everyone... especially the creepy dark Santa by Havegum. Something about it just gets you in the 'whoa' department. And is it just me or does kid in the santa hat by Gween123 look a lot like Jeremy Miller from the early years on Growing Pains? Just sayin'.

5/5 to all! And to all a good night!

TurkeySeize responds:

Thanks, hope Gumby's Santa didn't keep you up all night.
Have a great Christmas!

Haha, I keep seeing illuminati symbols that probably weren't even intended by the artists in some of their pictures. Excellent timekiller!

TurkeySeize responds:

I didn't realise how many things could be construed as an Illuminati reference until I kicked off this project. Oh well, the more you know.
Have a merry Christmas!

My god, it all make senses. I used to think the people are crazy for the Illuminating but my eyes are awake and now I know the truth. I am so ashamed for not believing it in the first place. [Blah blah Shrek and Obama something something hashtags and dumb words with all caps and stuff.]

TurkeySeize responds:

We're glad you have seen the light, child. Join our movement, put on this tinfoil hat and spread the message!

(... and that message is "Merry Christmas!")