Reviews for "Newgrounds' Illuminatimas"

Pretty cool and creative time-killer, but for some reason I couldn't get any of the medals. In any case, great job, guys.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I think it's a problem on your end, since I can see that people are still obtaining the medals. Have you tried using another web browser or updating Flash? Let me know if you still have problems or if the problem sorts itself via PM, please.

Hope your New Year is a good 'un.

Well done art, funny "where's waldo" styled play. All in all a good use of 10-15 minutes while I downloaded a game off Steam sale. Only real complaint is the music gets grating after the first few loops because it's such a short loop. Would be nice if there were more than one song I guess. Thankfully there was a mute button so I could start listening to Spanish Flea and the Jeopardy theme while looking for that last other reference.
The only hint I'll give: If you don't know what the "other references" are, check the sticky notes around the cards.

...If you're REALLY desperate... Umm, [SPOILER_ALERT]owls/butterflies/checkerboards[/SPOILER_ALERT]

Was difficult to find the last skull and ~eye~ but I liked the challenge. Great job on putting this together guys! (New fan)

Hint for hidden medal: This game has a CREDITSable source that you should CLICK its right HERE

Best game of 2014, 10/10 IGN


TurkeyOnAStick responds:

:) Happy New Year, chap.

Quite a fun game. Not too easy and not too hard. Nicely done now for the seasons.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks :) Hope your holidays are going well.