Reviews for "Shrunken Survival 3"

Another interesting day interacting with insects and a... Hamtaro lookalike. :P Plenty of puzzle in this one too. One odd thing how the guy keeps looking to the side while riding that car, in the drivers seat you'd think you usually look straight out the window. :P Anyway, nice work! Onto the next day...


Guess I'm not so smart after all cuz this was a tough nut to crack QQ. These puzzles were some serious shiz. Well bring on the next one :p

selfdefiant responds:


GReat game but the riddle is ridiculously hard i tried several walkthroughs to get through that thing

It took me quite some time to complete this episode. Thanks to the walk through, I didn't know what to do with 3 pieces of Lego blocks. Hint: stack them near the zip.

Puzzles are of moderate difficulty. The 4-digit lock required a combination of two clues whereas the combination lock required three clues obtainable from an item.

Hamtaro Fuzzy was cute. :3

Another great one. Really enjoying this series. I just noticed that this is a 7-part story. Your longest yet? I'll tell you what I think what it's over.