Reviews for "Aperture Laboratories"

flippin' sweet. this game has a nice, professional feel, both in programming and the art. The game is simple, but engaging, with interesting power ups and cool boss fights. Definitely a fun game!

Great game! it was amazing can't stop playing :D

The game fucked

I really enjoyed this game :) The gameplay is fun for this type of game, I liked the control options, the art is great, and the sound and music mesh well. The power-ups in the game were really cool but sadly don't happen all that often which was kind of a let down. There needs to be a way to improve your damage or fire rate because trying to defeat a boss becomes very tedious to the point where it was more work than fun. Lastly, I didn't find out until near the end of the game that you could hold down the attack button to power up your shot size - maybe mention that in the instructions? Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this game and will play it again :)

still could be better but i think it was still enjoyable and can kill sometime for anybody.
ill give it one thumb up OWO