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Reviews for "Flying Pigs"

Can beat level 15 in 3second, (Hint i press and hold W&D then hit q twice and then R)

This is purely amazing. I've been a fan of yours for a while, but this is not only entertaining, but hilarious!
5/5 All my w00t are belong to this ;)

lol you need to get some different play testers, I didn't have any trouble until lvl 23! I didn't use the walkthrough I don't like to use then because there not rewarding if I don't figure it out myself. I shall get past the robot! if it takes me forever! Great game :D

It's a nice game and I like the puzzle-like quality once you get past Level 10. Could be improved by adding more levels and repackaging it to the Illuminati (Half-Life 3 Confirmed!)

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Awesome game i can see you put nice effort into this and i thank you for that. 5 Stars for sure