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Reviews for "Flying Pigs"

Awesome game!! :U

deathink responds:

Thanks :O

Hey just letting you know but I somehow managed to clip myself through the level on level 7! o:

I was standing in the middle of the level when I hit 'q' to shrink. Just fell right through the floor!
screenshot: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/3afc6a94ce1896aaff328c815f5e4942

Thought I'd let you know about the bug.

Otherwise AMAZING game! I really enjoyed it!
Great work guys. c:

deathink responds:

I think you are just a super hacker! Hacktasic

"This game was made by Elton John's anus. You're welcome!" That was amazing!

deathink responds:

Haha, I improvised that line. Iol

This game is such a genial masterpiece, and I think I just found the perfect soundtracks for everything in my life

deathink responds:

Hey thanks man, And I am sure Jason (the musician) would love to hear that too.

interesting game but the camera positioning makes me crazy
music is really awesome!

deathink responds:

Thanks man, yeah, It was pretty much my first game made way back in 2011. I made a lot of mistakes, but I have learned a l lot from them.