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Reviews for "Flying Pigs"

on level 7 if you shrink in some places you will fall out of the map

Stuck on a level? Press 'r' twice. Thank me later.

deathink responds:

Fixed :P

I wanted to love this game so badly, but it's just so... flawed.

I like the concept, I like the music, I like the funny commentary, I like the puzzles, and I like the combinations of mechanics (portals, platforming, puzzle solving, etc).

But what ruins it so badly are the
1) Controls; need to be refined a bit, and change the dang keyboard layout
2) Glitches; Most annoyingly, dying randomly when you hit a corner
3) Freakin Level Design; just minor tweaks that would make it more playable, like making sky platforms 2 blocks wide instead so the pig won't randomly fall, and most irritatingly, the space between certain doors, so that the glitches don't happen and so that I can actually fit through them when doing what should be the fun yet challenging PIGS collection flying portions of the game.

Those 3 things ruined this game for me. And it frustrates me so much, because it's not a bad game; like I said, everything else is good, but it just can't really be enjoyed when those things make you want to rage quit for the wrong reason.

I really hope you make a sequel which addresses those issues, or a re-release of this game with those issues fixed, so I and others can play the game that should have been and not the game it almost was.

deathink responds:

Thanks for your review man. Yeah, this game is a little rough around the edges. Like I said , it was pretty much my first game. I have addressed most of these very same issues in my newer game Asslevania. I don't think I will ever make a sequel. However, the mechanic might appear again someday.

Hell yeah, I love me some bacon!

deathink responds:

Bacon is delicious!

hahaha this is great