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Reviews for "Flying Pigs"

challenge accepted >:-)

deathink responds:


Level 27 is literally impossible, unless there's something that happens a ways off screen when you press any of the buttons (check all time high scores for levels 27 and 28 if you don't believe me, as they are blank at the time of this review). Where did that extra blue platform come from that's definitely not in the walkthrough video and how am I supposed to get rid of it, if there even is a way?Pressing the button in the walkthrough video didn't help remove that blue blocker. Also, it looks like there's a block missing. There's only the crystal ball in that area, not the ball and also a block like in the video.

If that missing block was there, I'd give you an actual rating, but your game is unwinnable, so I have no choice but to rate 0 stars.

Other than that, some of the music is a bit obnoxious (the rest is pretty good) and the crudeness of the spoken humor turns it into crap starting level 15 (no idea how that type of fake voice is supposed to be funny w/o a twisted sense of humor). With that in mind, if your game didn't have a hole in it to make it unwinnable, I'd rate either 3.5 or 4 depending on if the southerner voice gave some hilarious jokes by level 30 or if levels 28 and 29 were good challenges (3.5 would be a lack of both).

So double check that level 27 isn't impossible for you (a missing block should reveal this), and you should get more high ratings once the game becomes winnable (also checking 28 and 29 while you're at it might be smart).

Also, I suspect masteronion probably hacked his way to level 29, or that score board would be empty too.

P.S. I didn't hack my way through the other levels myself. I got through level 26 fair and square. For everyone else here's some tips.

Level 13:
You're supposed to warp the crystal back over to the other side, carry it over with your normal self, and then drop it when you get over your destination (both you and the crystal will fall once you let go of the crystal). It really isn't that hard a concept to at least test out.

Level 15:
Bit of a brain teaser for how this one works. You have to step on the top button but NOT get off right away, then while still on the top button, press the middle button until the block slides left a ways from getting pushed by the moving wall thing. Shouldn't be hard to figure out the rest. Bare in mind though that this level tends to kill you randomly when small and flying up-right in the small size corridor, but it's not game breaking.

General tips to get through the other levels:

You can fly up higher by tapping W rather than holding W. Holding W is best for gliding when not going up as much.

Scouting around with your astral apparition usually helps quite a bit (especially in level 20). Use portals to move stuff while astral.

deathink responds:

Oops, I was working on the game file earlier and must have messed something up. Looks like it works fine now. Try refreshing the page a couple times until that wall disappears.

level 13 is impossible - you cant reach the far away building and getting to it in astral form has no point.

deathink responds:

Its possible :)

I can't figure out how the wormholes work. I place them in all sorts of places but nothing gets teleported or whatever. I guess this game really is too hard for me.

deathink responds:

Sorry my man, one should pull the cube in, and one should spit it out.

Can you change the E to space? (and re-record the tutorial), the keys are ok but E is so damn annoying when you want to press it fast and not mess with R.