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Reviews for "Flying Pigs"

lol you need to get some different play testers, I didn't have any trouble until lvl 23! I didn't use the walkthrough I don't like to use then because there not rewarding if I don't figure it out myself. I shall get past the robot! if it takes me forever! Great game :D

This is purely amazing. I've been a fan of yours for a while, but this is not only entertaining, but hilarious!
5/5 All my w00t are belong to this ;)

I don't know why people said it's impossible. It's pretty standard difficulty for this kind of game. The level design is actually pretty mediocre. That's fine if this really was your first game, of course.

I have the top score on level 29, and I still didn't get a gold medal.

This game is so boring and a enemy of mine. Hate this game...

This voices were funny and the challenge was pretty good. A bit of thought required to win some of the levels, but if that wasn't the case this wouldn't be a real puzzle game. A few small bugs, a random death here and there for no apparent reason. If I had one real complaint it would be that portals were "tutorialled" poorly. The small visual effect displaying that there is a "suction" portal and a "discharge" portal helps, but the explanation never really hints at that at all. The concept of portals are typically assumed to be bidirectional. I think allowing the portals to switch directions allows the puzzles to be a bit more complex and isn't a bad idea in and of itself, but it should have been explained better, is all.

deathink responds:

Yeah, I hate making proper tutorials. It's something I just got to get over, but I am from the nes days when the there was no tutorial, so they always look odd. Thanks for playing, and the review.