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Reviews for "Flying Pigs"

Glitches, glitches, doesn't work, doesn't work
Good game, but, by this thing I ca't beat it :(

5 stars because and only because of the music. Seriously, were you high when you made this game? Also, is there some place I can find the music links?

It's a nice game and I like the puzzle-like quality once you get past Level 10. Could be improved by adding more levels and repackaging it to the Illuminati (Half-Life 3 Confirmed!)

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I love this game, I find it very entertaining and simple; although, controls could be better I suppose. I also have to mention a bug I encountered in level 11, I got caught in between the sliding block and the wall and died, and that counted as completing the level.

looks nice but the controls are just horrible for non qwerty keyboard, why not use the arrow keys ? and have all the special keys somewhere else ?