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Reviews for "Flying Pigs"

Awesome game i can see you put nice effort into this and i thank you for that. 5 Stars for sure

didn't unstand or finsih it but derpy i like derpy so awesome game

This is the stupidest game I have ever played.

Tutorial mentions Q.

Doesn't mention the portals you'll need to use.

So you navigate to controls menu (annoying that I had to do that when I actually selected TUTORIAL) then I make a portal to the button room and I go in the button room and pick up the box and set it on the button.


The cube has to fall on the button.


This is very stupid and I was happy to close it immediately.

The glitches in this game make me want to skin myself. WHAT THE HELL!!

WHY U NO FIX GLITCHESS!?!? Want some pound cake?! Overall four stars great gameplay but these glitches killed my fun...QUINOAAAA!!