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Reviews for "Unfixable Thought Machine"

I've been a fan of your work since 2008, however this particular animation really hit home as one of my close friends suffers from depression. I'm so happy to see new stuff from you, David. This is probably the best christmas present I get this year.

I adore your work and the last two cartoons in this series have always been a few of my favorite's. This one seemed less surreal than the last two, but I think that helps with the message I glean of this series. I know, there might not really be any concrete message you're trying to get across, but a beautiful thing about art is that people can find all sorts of useful things to think about because of it. Even if the creator wasn't specifically trying to make people do so. And this is definitely art. Very glad to see another one of these, excellent work as always.

So really, we're all just insane, formerly dead swans.

very surreal David

And your mind shall set us free ...