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Reviews for "Unfixable Thought Machine"

I like the style "body" of the peoples, this animation is good. I like this tipe of videos. Congrats.

Your goal here seems to be to make people question psychiatrists, and you're doing a very poor job.
I've never met one who says "there's no helping you" or "the medications will make things worse". On the contrary: they always believe they have the solution for your problems and can fix your head. How are they going to make money if they tell their patients there's nothing they can do for them?
You should make health reminders about psychiatrists who say they can fix people's heads and lives. They're the majority and they're much more dangerous than the ones who go around calling people worthless idiots (who are much harder to take seriously).

I don't think you're capable of making a bad cartoon!

must of seen this 10 times by now xD cant get enough :D

I've watched this probably 5 times already.

I love the dark humor. I love the voices. I love the animation.

Excellent work. For some reason this video makes me laugh.