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Reviews for "Unfixable Thought Machine"

Man, you are absolutely my favorite.

You gave me another objective in my life ! Im going to become a Swan !

Now seriously, a good thing to see, its quite unexpected but thats what i like in it.
the only moment i didn't like is when he started to talk about serious medical issues, while seeing common health problems, like Headache that happens quite a lot and gives some people hard time !
I wont say, that it was really bad, and made me angry at this piece of fine art, but its something i dont like... its like i would tell you that im right now cutting my veins, because i saw this thing.
Most people would think its just but a joke, but it might turn out that mentally unstable person acutally DID it.
Its just not right with me.

Other than that, Fine Job ! you made hell of a good work there, and make me think about what i've seen ! If not that small thing, i would've given it a 5 ! for me its 4.70, so im giving u a 4.5, its the closest i can give you. Good luck in your future work !

This is love, Doki my good man. Pure, unequivocabibbling love. Now, is that Tom Baker or Harpo Marx? My money's on Dead Ringers. Merry Christmas you beautiful flashgenius physician, you.

Wow this was actually quite brilliant, meaningfully satirical, exquisitely entertaining. Thank you.

Great as usual

Any updates on meadow man?