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Reviews for "Unfixable Thought Machine"

Awesome, as always.
Looking forward to Meadow Man!

I'm not gonna pretend I know what this movie is about, but I'm still gonna give you a 5 because you are the fucking Salad Fingers guy. You rock.

I understaind your take of life as an exposition-- wait--- I thi I do? Your type of cynical art is a GLORIOUS rendition of... should I feel bad about liking your video?

Oh lord. It is as if the actual timeframe of hominid transactions fell into sync with your voice, and it is saying what I do mean nothing! My left leg has fallen asleep, I am going to cogitage with western medicine on what it means. Thank yo docta!

This was pretty damn good.
The animation was smooth, the dialogue was funny as hell.

Absolutely and wonderfully surreal.
You've done it again Mr. Firth.

The animation is well done, the voiceacting is good, over all a great video.
I would attempt understanding the message, but my Emotionless, Objective, Fact reliant mind is incapable of comprehending satire of this level.