Reviews for "Unfixable Thought Machine"

Ah, eskimo folklore again!

Dang, a new level of 5/5 for me, the animation made me feel I was watching some Don Hertzfeldt's filme, with it's irony and bitter sense of humour, it's senseless, monotone narrative and the cruel and beautifully summarized reality it shows. I couldn't help but to evocate the feel of trascendence the great but discontinued Loom game by Lucas Arts imbued the swans with, where they redeem the mistakes we made in earlier lives, much like how karma works. The speed at which things went from mid demencial to total hell is perfect, not too fast nor too slow, and that is a fine work. Huge props to you, fav'd and recommended.

"Just what are you? And where do you fit-in in this world?
You maybe a grain of piss dried on the floor of the queen's toilet.
You maybe the most important brick in least important wall.
But really, you are just a bit of something on the bit of something else.
It's important to remember this before expecting anything better."

10/10 im speechless.

you know, as super awesomely poetic this is,
i can't be sure if it's just all random nonsense
or an actual inspiring super complex reflective philosophy of sorts
it's genious

Awesome, as always.
Looking forward to Meadow Man!