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Reviews for "The Exit-Interview"

The animation could have been better. I just really wanted to see something about this movie. The movie does in fact end with them killing him. That's really the main reason why it was banned. If Jar-Jar Binks was killed, people would love it! I don't quite get that joke at the end.

George Lucas kind of sounds like Ukinojoe. Or is that voice in his cartoons? I heard it wasn't that gain. Then again, everyone gave it a 10. Eh, whatever, this was pretty funny.

MickeyMitch responds:

Thankyou. This was my first to at trying animation with actual effort spent on it. Tried before but just lolly gagged with it.

If thag part at the end you're talking about is who rings george it's suppose to be Micky Mouse seeing as he owns Jar Jar now and not george.

I love this. I hate that the movie was cancelled so this is perfect.