Reviews for "Shaman's Quest, part 6"

Oh man these things are awesome!!!

Congradulations on another well deserved Daily Feature! It's great to see one of the side characters get an episode. This was just as wacky as ever. I guess wackiness is the main focus on the series. It's great to see this animation. I really had no idea what would happen next.

You seem to fully embrace the cartoonish nature here. It's great to see that in cartoons around the world. It looks like everything's in English, though. I think your other stuff was entirely in Russian. Okay, I guess the main guy is named Shaman.

i have a good feeling about these series thanks 7/5 xD

These are soo goood!

This was an amazing piece of animation! A lot of effort went into this and it was really well done! This well deserves 5 stars!